• Sisters

    MUHI always endeavors to place a great sense of value for the sisters of the community. As such, various projects are regularly organised such as activity days, community forums and workshops.

  • Our Dawah

    The dawah (Islamic call) at MUHI is focused and committed towards cultivating and educating Muslims as well as non-Muslims about the essential tenets of Islam.



  • Youth

    The Youth strand is dedicated towards bettering those aged between 14-21 years. It has successfully engaged with many of the youth and hope to continue with this effort Insha allah.

  • Kids

    This particular strand incorporates a boys and girls Islamic schooling six days a week in which the Qur’aan, Islamic studies and Arabic language are taught by well qualified teachers.

  • Hadith a day keeps shaitan away

    ” The people will be resurrected
    (and judged) according to their intentions.”

    Source: Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 3, Book of Fasting, Chapter 6, p. 69


    Seerah Competition 2016 (Competition on Biography of Prophet Muhammed (saw)) For Non-Muslims and also for Muslims. For more details please visit the Link.

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Welcome to MUHI !

MARKAZ-UL-ULOOM WAL HIKAM LID-DAWATI WAL IRSHAD (MUHI), an Islamic Center registered under the Government of India, was established in the year 2002, with the aim of spreading the message of Islam based on Quran and authentic sunnah. MUHI aims at preaching the methodology of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions to eradicate Shirk and Bida’ah, to remove misconceptions about islam and to create universal brotherhood. The services of MUHI caters to all muslim brothers and sisters who desire to learn, kids who aspire to recite the glorious Qur’an in a eloquent way and also to Non-Muslim folks who are willing to submit themselves to Allah (SWT) abandoning the darkness of Kufr (Disbelief). With the grace of Almighty Allah (SWT) MUHI has been able to deliver the message of Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through various activities with the aim to benefit the ummah.