MARKAZUL ULOOM WAL HIKAM LID-DA’WATI WAL IRSHAD (MUHI) an Islamic center which spread its wing in the year 2002 for making the message of Prophet (PBUH) reach the huge Muslim habitants of Chennai city. The grace of Allah has helped us to benefit huge group of people ranging from different ages to different speeches (languages). This center has been officially registered under the Government of India. The message of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was properly transmitted to Sahaba (First Generation) to Tabieen (Second Generation and then it reached another pious generation well known as Tabe-Tabieen (Third Generation).

Ramadhan Special

The month of blessing is used to its fullest by MUHI trhough various activities…

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HIFZ Program

MUHI has been running Hifz program both Full time and the parttime program since 2002…

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DAIT offers two year course with 4 levels, also an Advance one year course…

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Matrimonial Counselling

If you are looking for a spouse , look for the one, who will take you to the Jannah (Paradise)….

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