Matrimonial Counselling

“if you are looking for a spouse,look for the one who will take you to jannah(Paradise)”

1.MUHI runs a matrimonial service which helps one to find his/her soul mate who will accompany you in this world and the hereafter.
2.With Allah’s grace,many nikaah arrangements were conducted by MUHI.
3.The problems which are hazardous to one’s public or private life are well handled by the intellectuals of MUHI.
4.Divorce and other Shar’iah related issues are also handled in MUHI.

In The name of Allah the Most beneficent, the Most Merciful
This is a service that has been designed to help the people in the Muslim community find a spouse in a Halal manner.
All contact between both parties will be arranged to take place in an Islamically sound setting, regulated by Islamic rulings and guidelines.
Participants are asked to maintain high levels of maturity and proper Islamic manners when considering a potential suitor.